When it comes to my phone, I prefer my Android over the iPhone (#TeamPixel). So when it comes to apps, I like to have a very tidy home screen where things are bucketed by theme or function. I’m pretty sure most of you have the normal 1 Million+ downloaded apps. This is about 20 android apps you may or may have not heard of, but they are simply amazing. Check out the list below and see if you can use some of these.

1. Acorn TV
TV junkies will love this. Install this app and you can watch yourself some British television straight to your phone. All it costs is $5 a month, so it’s a very inexpensive streaming option.

2. Vice News
Get raw and alternative news straight to your phone. They report and document lots of verticals, but the UI/UX is geat, easy to consume media. If you love vice, this is a must download.

3. Zomato
This app helps you find food to eat locally and within your budget. Just plug in your location and type of food you want and set how much $$$ you want to spend. Can’t decide, the app can also give you random suggestions.

4. Mint
One of my favorite apps to have. It keeps you on track and you can see directly where your money goes, it splits everything up into categories. Set up is easy, just stay out of the “red.”

5. Google / Android pay
You carry your phone with you pretty much everywhere, might as well have your payments with you on it too. Also saves room in your wallet! You can use it at any NFC capable business.

6. Depop
This selling app is underrated. Think of it as a social media + selling platform. This marketplace is easily integrated in to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with built in chat.

7. Files Go
One of the best utility apps you can get for your phone, it is not bloated with bloatware and contains no ads. This is like Apple’s AirDrop, but much better.

8. Lightroom
I edit my photos in Lightroom, then in Photoshop – this app is a delight! You can use the popular desktop features on the app directly on your phone.

9. Adobe Scan
When you need a scanner, this is your app. It’s super simple to use, aim and shoot – and then somehow, the app will crop your photo and now you have your document.

10. Lastpass
Once you set up this app, it will make your life easier. It will help you generate strong and unique passwords and then upon recognized landing pages for login/passwords, you can sign in with a master password or fingerprint.

11. Greenify
This app will help with your phone’s battery. Do I have your attention? You can have more control on battery consumption through monitoring apps and hibernation through “freezing” apps and “defrosting” them.

12. Next lock screen
This came from Microsoft’s Garage Project (employees make apps on their spare time) and it replaces your lock screen with customizable options.You can configure fingerprint scanning, contacts, wallpapers, details, etc.

13. Wifimapper
This is for the wi-fi hunters, the app is a savior if you have a limited data plan. Use this app to find free wi-fi via crowdsourced maps in multiple communities.

14. Zombies Run
I don’t like to run, partly because I don’t have motivation…and I’m lazy. Looking for an alternative motivation? With this app, you are running for your life, escaping zombies as your route becomes the post apocalypse of the living dead. Cool.

15. Google translate
This is NOT a substitute for a translator or learning a language, but it helps. Cool thing about this app is you find a sign in another language, point the camera at it and it will translate directly on your phone.

16. Pushbullet
Sometimes I want to push media to my phone from the laptop or vice versa, Pushbullet can do this. Think of this app as the vehicle for your phone and laptop, share things like text messages, pictures, videos and links between each other.

17. Mimicker Alarm
This is for people who hate alarms, but realize they need it. Do you immediately turn off your alarm when it goes off? This alarm app will not stop until you take a very specific selfie with the camera.

18. Unclouded
Connect and simplify your Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Google Drive account, making your storage life immediately easier. Free for up to two accounts and you get to pick which ones you want to use.

19. Pocket Casts
If you love podcasts, this is a must! The simplicity and ease of use, you will love. Beyond having great navigation, you can do things like removing silent space or adjusting play speed.

20. Pocket
You’re browsing web sites, you find things you want to save and look at later – Pocket helps you with this. You can save articles from the browser and social media and get back to them later.

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