The Container Yard LA
The Positives
  • The variety of art work
  • Coffee + Montana store
What Could Improve
  • Parking
  • More public "open" space
4.7Out of 5

Downtown Los Angeles Arts District is probably the world’s largest melting pot of art in the world, free too. Street artists, placemakers and graffiti writers – from signs, walls to billboards – you’ll see people leaving their mark. Which brings us to a very unique place in the heart of the Arts District, The Container Yard.

Peter here, I have to start this off with a little bit of my worldview when it comes to graff. The very first time I went to Los Angeles it was graffiti art overload, felt like I was transported into a gigantic theme park for writers. You notice all the heavens and rooftops right away there, full-fledged pieces and blockbusters. Hand styles there were completely different too, I was insanely drawn to the gangster style tags – I still dig them till this day.

Growing up as a graffiti writer, something like this was/is like a dream. A few years ago, I actually partnered up with creatives + local writers to create something similar to TCY called “Graffiti House” in Silver Lake. It was 15,000 square feet of event and creative space, unfortunately “you win some, you learn some” as they say.


“Graffiti writers are some of the weirdest humans I have ever met in my life.”

That statement is still true to this day. Some are very art-centric, some purely create + destroy, some chase the fame, some are Mormons and some are homeless – it’s a very big spectrum – it reminds me of The Fight Club in some instances. The funny thing is I know some writers for years and don’t know their real name. And that’s ok.


Who is The Container Yard?
Lots of creatives are involved in building TCY, 2 founders come to mind here, Ash and Anthony. In the TCY space, currently also has 3 operating businesses: Montana Shop LA, Source 1 Martial Arts & Fitness, Service & Supply barbershop, Wyldbnch Plants, Love Some Blossoms and The Coffee Hall.


What is it?
An old production manufacturing plant for Japanese ice cream mochi company, Mikawaya – now refreshed and repurposed as a creative compound located in Downtown Los Angeles (Arts District) – which acts as a hub and outlets for creatives.


When is it? (Does that make sense)?
While TCY’s foundation started in 2013, Mikawaya has roots back towards the early 1900’s (not sure how old the factory is). TCY was not readily open to the public until later in 2018.


Where is it?
It is in Downtown Los Angeles, in the Arts Dristrict. It’s exact address is 800 East 4th Street // Los Angeles, CA, 90013


Why TCY?
Ash states:

“To contribute to the local economy by collaborating with the greatest creative minds possible…The downtown arts district was once truly an arts district, full of converted warehouses and illegal artists lofts, and home to some of society’s truest creative minds…we don’t want to forget this history of disruption and free thinking, and that has inspired The Yard from day one.”

Business Information
Address: 800 E. 4th St. Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone: N/A
Social Media: Instagram Facebook Twitter Youtube
Hours of operation: Varies by business/event

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