San Jose Bacon Festival of America
The Positives
  • Lots of food trucks
  • Lots of activities
What Could Improve
  • Long lines
  • Parking
4.3Out of 5

Bacon lovers rejoice! When the husband asked me if I wanted to go to the San Jose Bacon Festival of America, there was no question about it I was down. The event is one of Moveable Feast‘s annual events, in it’s fourth year. We bought our tickets online and headed to Plaza de Cesar Chavez in downtown San Jose (DTSJ).

It was an overcast day, it never rained hard but it was wet and sprinkling the whole time we were there. After finding parking a short distance from the festival, we picked up our wristbands and headed into the festival. The food trucks were parked on the street around the park so we headed counter-clockwise and checked out the various food offerings. The festival was large and set-up great but the turnout seemed low. I’m used to going to events like this where every truck has a line but there were little to no lines, which was great for us but probably not so much for the food trucks and vendors.

The first truck that got me to stop was It’s All Gravy. I love spam musubi so I had to try the spam bacon musubi. The bacon was actually bacon bits so it was minimal and I thought the flavor was lacking but I thought they gave a good portion, it was two musubis so we each got to have one. Based on what we had it was meh but I’d like to try their other food offerings if I ever have the chance. I like the concept of modern comfort and from perusing the menu it looks Hawaiian food inspired.

As we continued on, the next truck that got me interested was Grilled Cheese Bandits. They had a good variety of options so I went with the bacon grilled cheese and the mashed bacon balls. The prices were good but I thought the grilled cheese was small since we were sharing. The sandwich was simple, I thought it was good but I probably should have tried something more outside the box. I really like the mashed bacon balls – similar to Porto’s potato balls, maybe not as good as Porto’s though. I’d definitely order from this truck next time as well.

The next truck we stopped at isn’t quite the type of truck you’d expect with bacon options, We Sushi, but their bacon lobster fries sounded really interesting, but definitely not a combination you would normally order together. As we were pondering whether to get them, another customer told us we had to try them because they were so good.

When we got our order it was waffle fries with lobster, bacon, unagi sauce and spicy mayo drizzled on top. They photographed nicely and I thought they tasted surprisingly good together but it was messy. I’m glad we tried it. I don’t think I’d ever eat that combination again though (not as if that combo is normal).

We also tried a bacon and chicken tacos, a bacon elote (corn on the cob), had some beer and a bacon cupcake from Fairy Cakes. I enjoyed some things more than other but it was a bacon filled food coma and I enjoyed every minute.

Not part of the festival we also had a chance to check out the musical swings. I’d seen them on social media but this was my first time stopping to see what the hype was about. I’ve been wanting to check them out and since we were at the park, I HAD TO swing. They’re pretty cool and only scheduled to be at Plaza de César Chavez until October 23. Heres a little description:

“Created by Montréal-based interaction design studio Daily tous les joursThe Swings are a free interactive art installation in which each swing emits the sounds of a different instrument, and the participants can change the note depending on how high they swing. By swinging together, music ensues. The Swings brings people together and creates a place for play and connection in the heart of downtown.”

Musical Swings

I had Pete take a snap of me and then we went on to continue to stuff our faces.

Overall I thought it was a cool event. The price wasn’t bad, it wasn’t too packed so the wait times were short and I liked the variety of options. I did see some areas for improvement but nothing that would turn me off. If you’ve never been, I’d recommend going next year but I’d only attend if there were different trucks or other food options that we haven’t tried.

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