Kobe Sushi - Sacramento
The Positives
  • Friendly staff
  • Food was delicious
  • Family friendly
What Could Improve
  • The overall look / design of the space
  • Bathrooms could be cleaner
4.7Out of 5

I’m a huge sushi fan, so when Hau from Wave Analytics invited us to try Kobe Sushi in Natomas we jumped on the opportunity. We’ve been living in Natomas for a few months now, so it’s always exciting when we find something new in our new hood.

Atmosphere + Vibe

The location is in a strip mall off Arena and Truxel and it is a bit hidden. We would have never really noticed it just driving by. Once you walk in, it’s a simple family friendly sushi spot. Nothing that really stood out to us upon first walking in and some of our friends were already seated. The staff was attentive but really we thought the owner was extremely friendly and generous. We let him decide what to bring out to us for the most part (we had maybe just two specific items we wanted to try) and he was very knowledgeable and kind throughout the night. NOTE: We didn’t have a typical experience, so we did recently visit again with our family on our own and the staff is friendly in either scenario.

It overall felt like it was meant for families and really that’s the right clientele for them to be catering too because of the neighborhood.

Food & Drinks

We tried a bit of everything honestly. Wayne, the owner, kept bringing us out dishes and sake and really we enjoyed it all, no lie. Neither of us tend to order sashimi on our own but he started us off with sashimi and I’m so glad he did. We wouldn’t have gone out of our comfort zone on our own. The fish selection is very fresh and it showed when we had the sashimi. Just thinking about it now, I wish we would have asked more about the names because the salmon, avocado and garlic dish was so delicious. I would have wanted it again if my family liked sashimi.

I can’t rave enough about the quality of the food and how delicious it was enough. I honestly recommend if you live in the Natomas area to try it out for yourself but I will say, whatever you try the freshness of the fish makes a huge difference. Wayne’s been in the business for a long time and you can tell he prides himself on quality products.

Outside of what Wayne was bringing us the one roll I wanted to try was the Ying-Yang roll. It stood out to me on the menu and I wanted to try something different than what we already eating. I’m so glad I ordered it because it was really good. I would say that if you like deep fried rolls *ahem I know some people say it’s not “real” sushi…but this is what I started eating when I tried sushi at first and I still enjoy it* then you have to try this one.

We were able to enjoy the meal with some of our blogger friends and Hau and team were great hosts. Neither of us drink much sake but their selection of sake was also amazing. The one we really liked is from a local producer out of Folsom, Gekkeikan. Their Black & Gold bottle and their Silver were so smooth and a great compliment to the sushi.

Room For Improvement

We also want to keep it real, so a few things to note. The Yelp reviews said the service wasn’t great. I can’t speak specifically to that because our first visit, we were being served by the owner and the second time it wasn’t busy. Based on others I would say they can probably pay more attention to customer service. The location is a bit hidden in our opinion but I think by choosing to work with Hau, they are on the right track to promote themselves better because the food is delicious and it speaks for itself if you could just get past the exterior, basic design and the Yelp reviews you’re golden.

At this point, this is probably one of our top sushi spots to go to. We had a great experience and highly recommend it.

Wayne also owns the Taiko Sushi restaurants, and we plan to go check those out as well.

Business Information
Address: 2057 Arena Blvd #150, Sacramento, CA 95834
Phone: (916) 285-6888
Web: Kobe Sushi
Social Media: Facebook | Instagram
Hours of operation:
Sun – Thurs: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Fri & Sat: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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