Happy Place LA
The Positives
  • Food + tastings
  • Unique exhibits
  • Instagram worthy
What Could Improve
  • Staggering of groups
  • Time + space allocation
  • Parking
4.0Out of 5

For my 35th birthday, my family (Peter, my mom, sister, and Matix) went down to So Cal to celebrate our (my mom and I) birthdays. My birthday falls on April 27th and my mom’s birthday is on April 30th. It’s a norm for us to celebrate together and in true selfless fashion, my mom let us celebrate at my favorite place. I’m spoiled, I know. haha. After a few days of Disney magic and Pixar Fest fun, my sister surprised us with a trip to the Happy Place at LA LIVE. Ashley and I originally planned to go back in January but it was shut down due to permits/logistics. My sister knows me so well and made sure we could fit it in this trip. It was perfect that Peter and my mom could go with us this time.

It was a cold and wet day, surprising given it doesn’t rain that often in So Cal, but we made the best of it and got there earlier enough to have time to take some preliminary photos in the lobby. There was a huge yellow duck, some fun signs, and even a “selfie” mirror.  

Everyone who was scheduled at our time waited in the lobby and we were all let in at the same time. Once you enter the big smiley face doors you watch a short video telling you about the Happy Place and the rules and then you are off to get all the Instagram worthy photos you can manage.

We happened to be in a group with some “bloggers” so we had some challenges getting our pictures. Whether you attend the Happy Place or any other Instagram focused museum I highly recommend you get in front of the group so you can get first dibs and enough time in each room. They have staff in each of the rooms trying to keep you on track and if you’re smart to get your group photos taken. The photographers know the right angles to get your best images. This is the perfect space for people who love taking photos. TIP: make sure your phone is charged and bring your Instax Mini.

I thought all the rooms were fun. I hadn’t really looked at too many pictures of the new space at L.A. LIVE ahead of time so I didn’t really know what to expect. I give it two thumbs up for “happy” colorful and fun rooms. It certainly entertained us and kept my nephew squealing, running and dancing through each room. He loved it. There were a few free treats included in the rooms. They had Happy Place M&M’s and a cake pop. At the end of the experience, they have some other goodies you could purchase like Unicorn sundaes, cotton candy, rainbow grilled cheese, and lemonade. There was also some happy themed items you could purchase like books, swag and clothing.

My favorite rooms were: the flower room, the rainbow ball pit, and the confetti dome because they were unique. In the upside-down room, it was a bit awkward but in the few images I seen of it, it looked cool. I noticed most people didn’t know what to do in that room so most of the poses were the same. One thing that annoyed me from our experience, some of the staff was pushy. They rushed us and maybe were a tad rude but overall I thought it was worth the $35 ticket.

Happy Place Sign

The Happy Place at L.A. LIVE ends this weekend on May 27th but if you are in the LA area or happen to be visiting this Memorial Day weekend I checked and there are some tickets left. The Happy Place is headed to Chicago this summer so if you didn’t make it this time, consider their next stop. And you just never know at this rate they may be popping up in a city near you.

Business Information
Address: 1005 Chick Hearn Ct. Los Angeles CA 90015
Web: https://www.happyplace.me/
Social Media: FacebookInstagramTwitterSnapchat
Hours of operation:
Mon – Thurs 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Fri – Sun 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

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