Golden Week Kyusha Festival

Easily will be one of my favorite Japanese Classic car shows in Northern California. There is something about classics, their timeless design, look and feel that is simply intoxicating! 

We recently had the pleasure to make it to the 1st Golden Week Kyusha Festival in Richmond, California on May 4, 2019. One of us (Me, Peter) happens to have a Japanese Classic Car, a Datsun 280z you can see here. Prior before this was an Infiniti Q50, Nissan 350z and a Jeep Wrangler. And Ambriss has her Audi Allroad wagon!

The name “Kyusha” can refer to any nostalgic or classic car with no modifications to perhaps subtle modifications such as ride height, fender flares, correct wheels for the time and even unrecognizable vehicle. When mentioning “Golden Week” this refers to a collection of 4 Japanese national holidays within 7 days from April 29 through May 7.

I have to say, cars in the parking lot were already cool when you can spot Skylines, slammed Cressidas and clean Fairlady Zs. We unfortunately, did not have time to take photos of the cars in the parking lot as we wanted to get in and meet up with our friends from Secret Factory USA. The festival was $10 bucks to get in and it was very much well worth it! Cars were parked inside and pleasantly organized/grouped together by model. Enjoy the photos as we made our way through the show!

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