Erica Avila, Felicia Gabaldon and Joshua Tremain had an opening reception presented by Beatnik Studios on June 7, 2019 to explore different aspects of the desert. The show would:

“carefully embrace the pointy and rich variability of the desert landscape. The colorful work of Erica Avila, Joshua Tremain, and Felicia Gabaldon explore different aspects of the desert and open windows to the stunning beauty of the dry land.”

Helena Zittel

Erica Avila
By day, Erica works in medical laboratory science, but also pursues a different kind of thinking. 

“Creating art is a vulnerable act of empowerment.”

Helena Zittel

In creating art, she not only empowers herself, but hopes to empower others to do what they love and defy expectations. He grandmother, a watercolor artist, was one of her first artistic inspirations. When her daughter was born, Erica began painting as a way to do something meaningful to her, as well serve as an example to her daughter of what it looks like for a woman to take control of what she wants. 

Felicia Gabaldon
She grew up in the southwest immersed in a confluence of cultural influences. Through her art she presents her Choctaw, Chickasaw, Spanish and Mexican heritage.

“There is a spiritual reverence toward nature, women, and the cycles of life that is present in Gabaldon’s work.”

Helena Zittel

Her painting are a mediation on her own identity rendered in bright, velvety gouache. She combines the raw wood texture of the panes she paints on with smooth paint application, resulting in work that is rich in both color and symbolism. Felicia has experimented with different styles of art, and describes experimentation as a way for her to get to the essence of what land of art she feels most connected to creating.

Joshua Tremain
Josh’s interest in art began when he was around 15. He grew up in the suburbs in a place that was pretty devoid of culture and he and a small group of friends were interested in hip hop and graffiti.

“The degeneracy of graffiti was appealing to Tremain, and graffiti became a doorway to self expression and connection with other artists.”

Helena Zittel

The qualities of graffiti are something Tremain has consistently drawn upon as an artist. He builds and fills in layers of paint always starting from the lower right corner canvas and states that using spray paint lends itself really well to people with little patience. In his landscapes there is a sharp contrast between crisp lines and wispy clouds. This contrast is evocative as the shifting landscape of the desert.

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