The first 10 years of Hi Fructose was celebrated in Sacramento at the Crocker Art Museum. I remember going to Tower Records and Books off Broadway and picking up my graff mags like Clout, Stylefile, 12oz Prophet, Beautiful Decay, Graphotism – and also Juxtapoz and Hi Fructose. We knew we had to go check it out.

Featuring 51 of “new contemporary” artists to celebrate the first 10 years of Hi Fructose, Crocker turned into a home of “variety of media, ranging from oil paintings and drawings, to porcelain, bronze sculptures, video works and installations.” I enjoyed the juxtaposition of “highbrow” and “lowbrow” art, growing up in the graffiti world the art resonated with me deeply. The pop surrealist and street art angle to most of the art were not only thought provoking, but showed an amazing amount of skill and imagination. Crocker states

“The exhibition is loosely organized around each of the selected artists’ first appearance in the magazine. Among them are names like Beth Cavener, Mark Ryden, Olek, and Tara McPherson. Some, including Kris Kuksi and Tracey Snelling, are already represented in the Crocker’s permanent collection.”

We took some pictures of the pieces that struck us the most, check the pictures below.

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