Anaheim Packing District
The Positives
  • Huge variety of food
  • Lots of other activities
What Could Improve
  • Parking (price + ease)
  • Popular place, gets crowded
4.5Out of 5

When we used to live in Southern California, we used to frequent Orange County for the food and events. More specifically, the city of Anaheim, is no stranger to the food game.

So here we arrive at The Anaheim Packing District (APD), located at 440 S. Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805. APD started off as the old home for The Anaheim Packing House and Packard Building, which also included a Farmers Park. Back in the early 1900’s, it was the former Sunkist Citrus packing house. But in its current stage, now includes the MAKE building.
The city spent 7.6 million in redevelopment funds to restore the Packard Building. This included repairing and restoring the original fixtures. On Anaheim Boulevard, the original facade was recreated to its formal glory where the first tenant took over (brewery). They’ve even won design awards for their impeccable redesign of this historic building. Some of the initial tenants were Umami Burger and Pitfire Pizza.

Every single time we go here, we could spend hours hanging out and we always have a tough time trying to figure what to eat or drink! The space is beautiful, the decor is fun, the atmosphere is really alive here, such a variety of food and shops – check the photos below

What is the Anaheim Packing House?
Foodie heaven! Opened in 2014, the 42,000 square feet of food and entertainment with every corner just being IG worthy (and spend all your money on food and drinks worthy!). It’s a food hall you can’t miss. They actually describe it as:

“The restored Packing House is a food hall reminiscent of the great public markets of South America and Europe. These markets serve as a resource for the neighborhood (daily food production) and a community gathering space (restaurants and entertainment). The two-level Packing House features a large central atrium with communal dining surrounded by cafes and kiosks of varying sizes as well as outdoor picnic gardens and a building-length dining porch looking out to the outdoor marketplace, Farmers’ Park.”

What are some things to check out there?
The Blind Rabbit Whiskey Bar
A speakeasy downstairs, there will be a wall that appears to be a normal facade, decorated with barrels and boxes. Looks completely normal, until you see someone coming out of the wall! That’s exactly how we came across it. Seats less than 40 people and you can make reservations.

Also known as the Underground Wine Society. What’s super cool about this is that you can grab yourself your favorite wine and head on over their completely restored 1920s railroad boxcar!

Live Music
If you happen to be there on a weekend, right smack in the middle is the Mezzanine Stage where live music is played that totally fits the environment. You will find a variety of artists and musicians.

Right in between The Packing House and The Packard Building, you will find Farmer’s Park. It was created as a recreation area, sit and relax or enjoy some outdoor ping-pong.

The Kroft
Probably one of our favorites, we love comfort food. Trust us, get the Poutine Fries! You’re welcome. 

Business Information
Address: 440 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805
Phone: (714) 533-7225
Social Media: Instagram Facebook Twitter
Hours of operation:
Daily 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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