Happy Place Sign
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Happy Place LA

For my 35th birthday, my family (Peter, my mom, sister, and Matix) went down to So Cal to celebrate our (my mom and I) birthdays. My birthday falls on April 27th and my mom's birthday is on April 30th. It's a n...
Picture of graffiti Dondi Artist Style Wars

Best graffiti street art movies

I spent a third of my life with graffiti, I learned so much. Be it actually painting walls and trains, to now working directly with artists on paid gigs. Funny thing is working with Monster Energy, I worked wit...
Stranger Things Art Show Sacramento

Strangers Things 2: The Art Show

Two of our favorite things happened, art and Stranger Things combined! Well technically it was a Stranger Things 2 tribute art show, but nonetheless it was RAD. Over 50 artists showcased their paintings, ins...