Hook Sounds
Nice and modern site with curated collections for you to browse. The music here is free of copyrights under Creative Commons so it allows you to download and use it for a variety of things.

This is a community that has a huge assortment of music that also falls under Creative Commons. You can not only listen to music, you can pick and choose which ones to sample and create mashups.

Old school feel, but a great resource. You sort through the content via specific genres and other filters. And if you are not up for genres, you can sort through music with “feel.”

Moby Gratis
This site is actually created by Moby himself! Perfect for independent creators and editors. What’s also awesome is that you can also tap into the Moby community by sharing your project and how you used the music.

Great for music and sound effects for odds and ends. You can use the sounds in your film/audio projects as long as you credit back to the site. It’s nice to see file size and length of track.

This is slightly different as this provides music you can use because the copyright has expired. It’s UI/UX is modern and up to date, you can search quite easily through composer, instrument, period, etc. Great for classical music.

This has both licensed and free music (for non-commercial and non-profit). It’s super simple when you find something you like, you either choose “License Song” and choose “Non Commercial projects.”

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