“A spark becomes a catalyst, creating kinetic energy towards an outburst of action and movement.”

Movement was the theme for March for Creativity+ and two creatives from Sacramento came to discuss! This was our very first time attending Creativity+ at The Urban Hive and will certainly not be our last. Ambriss actually works at The Urban Hive and has attended many events and networking/collaborating functions, it’s truly an awesome co-working space. The two esteemed guests who were kind enough to share their wealth in ideas and thoughts were Chinua Rhodes and Shannin Stein. Together, we dived deep into exploring movement in sound, art, civic action, and creating change in our communities.

Let’s learn a bit more about Chinua Rhodes: South Sac represent! Come on…I had to since we’re from the same area. This very lively gentleman is the Lead Ambassador of Sofar Sounds (Sacramento Chapter). He developed his powerful pride and proudness in his own community through youth advocacy with music and multiple grassroots activations – and that’s not even his day job – by day he is Parks and Rec. commissioner in the local community. Chinua understands the powerful vehicle of art and music that creates movement in thoughts, which leads to action of change in the community.

A little bit about Shannin Stein: Oh I really resonated with Shannin! Much like myself, she left Sacramento and learned a lot, applying it all to her life and career. Her background is in food, agriculture, and hospitality with over 20+ years of experience. Yeah, she know what’s talking about AND doing. In current day, she has joined Habitat for Humanity spearheading the Homeowner Services and Operations for Sacramento. She’s also a lover of food, “for real for real.” Such much so she contributes editorials to Edible Sacramento and nonprofit Les Dames Sacramento. Whew!

Creativity + sacramento

Creativity+ Q&A session with Shannin Stein and Chinua Rhodes

The key takeaways from the event

  • Is movement good or bad? The thought behind this is that you can find movement in stillness. Movement as in growth and evolution. Stillness as in being aware and finding your “home” (they both work around housing).
  • Iowa is not just Middle America and not full of conservatives, in fact, there’s a fair amount of liberals in the area who can open your eyes into culture, politics and way of living.
  • Movement for both Shannin and Chinua might have been defined differently, but it still leads you to a place you need to be. I hate to quote Drake, but you know – “same building different views.”
  • They work in organizations that rely on volunteer work (like Creativity+) and I believe this is what makes the people involved different. A combination of passion, pride and alignment in purpose goes a long way.

For our first time being there, I loved it and would recommend it to anyone looking for inspiration, guidance, networking and FREE FOOD. THERE WAS PIZZA THERE! (Thank you Cara!) But really, the amount of knowledge shared in that 1 hour session was very valuable. But look, don’t be bummed you missed it, cause you can RSVP for next month’s session here with Estella Sanchez of Sol Collective and Ron Cunningham from The Sacramento Ballet. See you there!

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